Panda & Penguin: More Updates To Come


SEOs, web publishers, and basically anyone with a website: brace yourselves for more Google algorithm updates coming this year. Even if you’re not primarily a content hub, if you get a large amount of traffic organically through search engines, now is the time to beef up your content and clean up any links coming from bad neighbourhoods.

In fact, this Friday or next Monday, Google will be updating Panda (the last one was in January). Feeling a little weak on the content? Add some more to your site, and make sure it is quality content!

Matt Cutts has also warned that a significant Penguin update is also in the works, scheduled to come in 2013. The last update, Penguin 3, occurred in October 2012. Will your websites be prepared for Penguin 4?

Even if you’re feeling pretty good about your backlinks now, Cutts also hinted that another link network will be targeted soon, so you might not be out of the woods just yet!

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