Gmail’s Storage Capacity Increases Past 6GB


Over the Christmas break, Gmail’s storage capacity increased past 6GB, which is a whopping 2GB jump from two months prior. Even though this is a 50% increase in storage space, it isn’t exactly what the doctor ordered.

Gmail’s file attachment size limit is still set at only 20MB per file. I personally was not anywhere near my 4GB storage limit (less than 2% in fact), and raising the attachment size cap would have been more beneficial. Splitting and zipping files becomes quite tiresome.

Yet another restriction is placed regarding the 6GB of storage; only 1GB of it can be used for Google’s digital photo organizer and editor application, Picasa.

The decision to keep Gmail in the beta-testing phase could be attributed to some fundamental issues that Gmail may still have. Keeping Gmail in beta also allows its developers a bit more mythical room for mistakes, such as last month’s Google Reader fiasco.

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