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Auto-Tagging Finally Arrives to Bing Ads

There’s much exciting in the pay-per-click departments and among PPC specialists this week over the announcement from Microsoft’s Bing Ads team that auto-tagging functionality has finally arrived! What is auto-tagging? Auto-tagging allows advertisers to simply click on a checkbox in the advertising platform’s back end (AdWords, Bing Ads, etc.), any campaign data is automatically passed […]

SEO Roundup: Recent SEO Articles Worth Noting

We’re going to try something a bit different than usual here at Search Engine Panel. Today we’re going to highlight 3 noteworthy blog posts about SEO that have been posted by others on the web. First up is the post 5 SEO Client Types to Avoid at All Costs, a humourous yet true look at […]

Google AdWords Keywords Now (Not Provided) in Google Analytics

As was done to organic search keywords no longer showing up in Google Analytics reporting, the same is now done for Google AdWords’ paid search traffic as well. This move to not provide search queries that users have typed in to arrive to websites was a move made by Google to protect users privacy, or […]

Test of Image Ads on Google Search Failed

A little while back, the Google AdWords team had a beta test allowing select larger advertisers to display image advertising banners on Google’s search results page, through the AdWords platform. In most cases, these banners would only show for branded search queries. For a refresher, here’s an example of what one of these banner ads […]

5 Free Website Auditing Tools

Often times you want to have a quick audit of a website to get a general sense of how their website is performing. Why dig through an in-depth audit when so many amazing tools are out there today to accomplish this task? Better still, these fives tools are completely free to use. 1. Marketing Grader […]