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Google AdWords Keywords Now (Not Provided) in Google Analytics

As was done to organic search keywords no longer showing up in Google Analytics reporting, the same is now done for Google AdWords’ paid search traffic as well. This move to not provide search queries that users have typed in to arrive to websites was a move made by Google to protect users privacy, or […]

Test of Image Ads on Google Search Failed

A little while back, the Google AdWords team had a beta test allowing select larger advertisers to display image advertising banners on Google’s search results page, through the AdWords platform. In most cases, these banners would only show for branded search queries. For a refresher, here’s an example of what one of these banner ads […]

5 Free Website Auditing Tools

Often times you want to have a quick audit of a website to get a general sense of how their website is performing. Why dig through an in-depth audit when so many amazing tools are out there today to accomplish this task? Better still, these fives tools are completely free to use. 1. Marketing Grader […]

Super Short Google Reconsideration Request

When it comes to being hit with a penalty, you might be thinking of spending hours on end to draft up the perfect reconsideration request. Well it turns out that even short ones can work too. Here’s an example of one webmaster who used what basically amounted to a tweet for their reconsideration request: We […]

Gmail Displays All Images Automatically

Christmas came early to Gmail users this year, is the team launched an innovative feature to yet again distinguish Gmail from other email providers, such as Yahoo! Mail or Microsoft’s Outlook/Hotmail. The official announcement came through this Official Gmail Blog post on Thursday, by product manager John Rae-Grant (who’s now on everyone’s “nice” list). The […]